June Conley Building To Be Used For CDL Licensing

A note from Missy:

I hope this finds everyone safe, healthy and able to enjoy this beautiful day. 

The most current list of Chamber members is on the Maysville Chamber Directory page.  If you do not see your name and have paid your annual membership, let us know.

The June Conley building is not being rented at this time.

The License people will be going in on the 15th of April and be open every day until April 24th to help the State with those needing CDL’s. They are going to be coming here from everywhere due to the size of our building. Other places have very small rooms for testing and with social distancing this building seemed to work better for them.

That is all I have at this time….

Again, wishing you all good health and remember to keep everyone in your prayers during this historic event we are all facing at this time.



Best Regards,

DeKalb County Clerk

Treasurer, MACCEA

Melissa “Missy” Meek

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