A Town Makeover

Is it possible to have a town makeover? Could we even dream it? And what would it look like?

These are good questions to ponder — questions we should all take time to think about. Answers to the questions could mean the survival of our small towns. As Andrew McCrea emphasized in his book “The Total Town Makeover”, it takes a change in the mindset of a community to implement a profitable change in a dying town’s life.

Maysville Area Chamber President Kerri Huffaker has asked the chamber members to consider what we can do to improve our town, and what changes need to be made. At the Nov. 12th chamber meeting the ideas will be discussed.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting and bring your ideas. The Nov. 12th meeting will be held at the June Conley building, with a free chili supper starting at 5:30 pm. The meeting will begin at 6:00. Please come and share your thoughts.






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