PACA Opens New Location

P.A.C.A. has moved their headquarters to the former Rumors restaurant/lounge and historic Theatre Anne building located on the NE corner of the square in Maysville.   The building is owned by P.A.C.A. President, Pete Larson, and much work has been put into its renovation.  The space in the newly remodeled building will house P.A.C.A.’S services resource center, an arts and crafts emporium for talented artists and crafters, and offers the possibilities for leasing space for other business ventures.

P.A.C.A. is DeKalb County’s Positive Action Community Association.  Their mission is to initiate community betterment, promote business growth, and instill pride in our towns and collaboration between area groups and organizations.

Stop by to see the improvements made to restore this historic landmark.






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